Heat Storage to solve the electrification of heat

Home Heating

Storing renewable electrical energy as heat and outputting directly into existing hot water systems.

In 2019 the UK government announced a new target that will require the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. In order to hit the 2050 targets, it is essential that heating, which accounts for 40% of UK energy demand and 32% of total UK emissions, is decarbonised.

The latest electricity auction in the UK for 2024/2025 resulted in bids from offshore wind farms as low as 4p/kWh. The result of this auction means that heating provided by a heat storage unit using off-peak electricity will be cheaper than mains gas and significantly cheaper than heating oil or LPG.

Pumped Heat Ltd are developing a highly novel heat storage unit that will allow a house to be efficiently heated from stored energy for a 24-hour period in the winter. The unit can be charged using off-peak electricity and the long storage duration means that it will be much easier for utilities to match supply and demand. When discharging heat to the house, the unit behaves like a combi-boiler and connects to a conventional wet heating and hot water system.

Utilities can:

  • Offer homes with a Pumped Heat Storage unit a favourable ‘time of day’ tariff
  • Remotely control Pumped Heat Storage units to match electrical generation with demand
  • Support the replacement of an obsolete domestic boiler to meet their heating obligations with a heat storage unit operating on a favourable ‘time of day’ tariff.

100kWh heat storage (24 hours of heat and hot water in the winter for large home)

Off-Grid Cooking

Off-Grid solar cooker storing renewable solar PV (input via resistive wire) and output via direct hot plate.

Almost 4 billion people in the world use biomass cooking.  This creates a burden that includes:

  • Health hazards (respiratory illnesses and burns)
  • Increased deforestation
  • Spending a large proportion of income on fuel
  • Time spent collecting fuels and reduced educational opportunities for women

For decades the dominant policy on energy for cooking has been to improve the combustion efficiency of biomass fuels. This policy has broadly failed and little improvement in efficiency has been noticed.

Proposals have been made for alternative approaches using electrical cooking either from batteries + solar PV (e-cook) or from electrically powered low energy pressure cookers. The first of these has proved expensive and the second is culturally difficult as it involves changing people's established cooking habits.  The availability of such alternative cookstoves is not keeping up with population growth and has meant that this problem is getting worse.     

The Pumped Heat Solar Cooker offers a third option for a low carbon, low cost, secure cooking energy solution. The Pumped Heat Solar Cooker uses an innovative insulated heat storage block which is charged from solar PV. The combination of low cost and the ability of more traditional stove-top cooking means this has the potential for global use to replace biomass cooking.

Pumped Heat Solar Cooker with 500W solar panel in remote off-grid house

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Pumped Heat Ltd are a research company dedicated to decarbonising energy through the electrification of renewable energy directly into heat. We are based in Fareham, Hampshire, UK in a purpose built 12,000 square foot research facility.

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